So if you haven’t noticed, Go Army ads in America have gotten very woke and dumb. Beyond that, they are making trendy ads that have VFX, and use phrases like wavelength, virus hunter, force multiplier (UPDATE: Apparently this is a law enforcement term for gun of which I was unaware), and basically try and convince you that when you are in the military you’re in a video game, with multiple lives. This is not the case. You actually die. There are no revives. It’s not a video game.

I’m not sure that woke lefties are the ones I want fighting on the front lines. Actually never mind, I am sure.

I would rather have someone who is comfortable with a gun. Comfortable with killing an enemy. Someone who will get the job done efficiently, has respect for their authority, but also has honor. None of which leftists have. They have emotions.

Soldiers shouldn’t have emotions.

I am not military, but my father was in the army. I speak strictly as a citizen who wants to be protected from foreign and domestic enemies, by a competent and strong military. Also as a taxpayer who is funding this military.

Where have the days of old gone, where ads for the military were about honor, glory, country and God?

I remember seeing an ad when I was a kid, about a father who described his son returning from boot camp, shaking his hand friendly, and looking him straight in the eye. That ad made me want to join. And instead ads today talk about fighting for two moms to raise a daughter. That can’t happen biologically by the way. Who would want to join an army full of snowflakes?

I mean chess does require sacrificing pawns, I guess if we had to… I’ll let you finish that thought.

God bless America. And God protect our troops.