I’m on vacation, and so that means I have a bit to think. But there’s a lot to think about, so I’m just going to think while I type, and we’ll see where this goes.

We just got back from Captain George’s in Virginia Beach, so I am full of crab legs. Still not sure if that meat is worth the struggle, but it’s and adventure, so what the heck.

There’s a lot of people here. I am sitting here on the balcony of the hotel overlooking the ocean, and I’m overcome with emotion. Crying.

The same thing happened last night when I went out and looked at the water. The ocean has a way of making you feel small. I feel small. But that HUGE ocean reminded me how big God is. That is what made me cry then.

But the beach was mostly empty last night. Right now it is dwindling, but there are a few people enjoying the warm weather. It’s not California, so no sunsets here.

(image is from my laptop webcam, so pardon the quality)

I looked out here before I started typing this a cried again. This time it’s harder to explain. It’s a sadness. There are so many people here. A lot of different races and ages. Everyone smiling and having a good time. 2 thoughts cross my mind. Wow so many of these people need Jesus, and the second: do these people know the country could be ending?

I think I’m spending too much time on GAB (@SpencerDulaney) , and … (UGH. Interrupted by water pouring down from a balcony above and splashing onto me and my keyboard… Everything seems to be working okay… Probably just an air conditioner draining from way up). Anyway, GAB has had an empowering and also terrible effect on me. I got rid of other social media to get rid of the CRAP. But now, I get mostly content from angry people. Righteous anger in my opinion, but still anger. And I am angry too! This country is going downhill. I look out at this beautiful beach and I wonder how long it will last? All the people out here having a good time, and I wonder if America will ever get back to it’s glory days?

The true sadness is this: Do all these people care? I hope so, but I am guessing many are clueless, and are just operating on there day-to-day programmed cycles. They wake up, eat something processed, drive to work or school, get paid, spend any extra income on vacations once or twice a year, and vote the way their parents did every election cycle. I hope that’s not the case, but the ideology of “ME” is the way most people operate, so it’s an educated guess.

Side thought: Why do parent’s allow their teenage daughters to reveal every part of their body on the beach? Disgusting. Along the same lines as “ME Ideology” is sex culture, and parents who let their kids dress like their favorite TikTok star and Youtuber feed that monster. I don’t like the beach for this reason. But my wife does. That’s why I’m here.

So my mind has been challenged lately… And being here in Virginia Beach is contributing to this challenge. So here it is: My belief: We are all created in the image of God, and we are to openly love and cherish all races. The challenge: Non-European races are destroying our country (America).

Now before you go saying to yourself “Spencer is a RACIST!”, let me explain the reasoning with which I am dealing. America was settled and mostly founded (founding father) by Christian Europeans, looking for freedom of religion. (Mostly. A lot of capitalists who wanted to make money too). PLEASE NOTE: This is what I know, and could totally be historically nonfactual, but I’m not sure I believe any history I’ve been taught anymore anyway)These people came from arguably the most culturally developed area of the world, and took the advanced education and engineering that came from the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution, and combined them with Scriptural morality in Christianity. They developed a country that was CHRISTIAN, yet open to anyone who wanted to come. But now, as the ideology of ME has taken over the world, people are immigrating here in droves. And why do I say ideology of “ME”? Because it’s selfish. People are leaving their countries of birth and moving here for the “American Dream” instead of fixing their own country! Now YES, that’s what we did when moving from Europe too, but very few nations are Monarchs anymore, and Europe was a bit crowded.

When the first European’s settled in America, it wasn’t for the American dream. It was for the CHRISTIAN DREAM. The ability to openly worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords without punishment. Not to get rich (with exceptions, of course). Most people immigrating today just bring their native national religion with them, and maybe a terrorist or rapist or two.

So you see, it’s not really the race of people that bother me… it’s people who come here and don’t adopt the real American Dream, which is Patriotic Freedom. America is a bastion of freedom. We are the place people want their own home to be. And I want EVERY country to be like ours, but instead, people abandon their nations and come here, and the evil people sneak in with them, and contaminate us as well.

I don’t hate anyone, except those who actually want to destroy America. Please bring back the America where kids can ride into town on their bike at 8 years old and come back with a loaf of bread. Or where people decide to become good honorable Christian church members and who dress and act Holy and decently as unto the Lord. I just want what my grandparents had. Instead they bought into “ME” ideology too, and didn’t preserve the valuable traditions that they had.

We can maybe fix this. We just have to chase the CHRISTIAN AMERICAN’S DREAM.



Oh and congratulations. If you DO this, you are now a Christian Nationalist. Might at well claim it.