I figure since the podcast is now live, I had better create a blog post that isn’t a year old. Today’s topic: long term politics. While perusing the Instagram I saw that Madison Cawthorn, a congressional representative from NC whom I have much respect for, has made good on his promise. He has proposed a bill to set a 6 terms limit on members of Congress. His comment section however, has been set ablaze.

The trolls bring up the recent accusation that he cannot run again this election cycle due to involvement in “the Insurrection” (which has been the tamest insurrection I’ve ever heard of. Come on lefties… If we wanted an insurrection, don’t you think we could do a little better?). The naysayers claimed he was wrong for attempting to rewrite the Constitution. The supporters congratulated him and thanked him. Lastly, the ignorant “patriots” cried out that the 3rd article of this bill that grandfathered in current members of Congress was a “Rules for Thee and not for Me” addition, and whined that they want limits NOW with no exceptions.

This frustrates me. I made a comment of my own: “Some of y’all in these comments are ignorant. You want laws NOW from people who will NEVER put them in place. There are two ways to play this game: Guns and Chess. Madison is playing Chess, but knows how to use a gun if necessary.”

The latter part was literal. He is a huge gun advocate. Here’s the thing, and Madison has said this in an interview with Ryan Michler on the Order Of Man Podcast: the U.S. Government is a slow moving machine, at least is supposed to be, and it takes time for things to get done. This is the reason 12 year limits make sense, so you have time to build respect and then get stuff done. However, in order for this bill to even be considered by our current members of Congress, some of which have been in Congress way longer than I’ve been alive, this bill will have to exclude those who vote for it. Why would someone vote for themselves to be fired? (Because it’s good for the country, but the powerful rarely care about that).

Politics is a slow game of chess. These people think that you can get elected and then instantly change the game. Folks… If this was the way it worked, we would have been in full blown Communism a long time ago. Unfortunately, current powers that be seem to ignore the rules and use executive powers and mandates to enforce their will on us regardless. The only way to stop this in the future, is to make it so future elected officials can’t stick around long enough to destroy the country.

Have some respect for these young Patriots who have the guts to wade into the soul sucking swamp that is Washington D.C. Someday, I might be there. We will see. For now, Madison has my back, and let’s avoid the gun game for as long as possible. Trust me, the rubble of a revolution would take us so much longer to build back our country, than chess.

God bless America. Go get ’em Madison.